Thursday, April 8, 2010

Loreal Lunch

The people of Loreal are simply awesome. They wrote a lovely letter to thank me for the earlier lunch I performed at, and to invite me for the next! Afterwhich, they wrote another letter, sent me pictures and guess what? They put together a great photo in a frame and couriered it over. It was simply over whelming and I am greatful.
Thank you Loreal! :) Will post up pictures of the lovely gift real soon.
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Monday, January 19, 2009

Self portrait painted on 18th Jan 2009

Making an effort to learn painting and for this painting, I used watercolour techniques!

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Monday, January 21, 2008

Sunshine the Clown

An old interview I found, this video was made was I was just 21years old, and had another persona called Sunshine the Clown!

Monday, May 7, 2007

Channel 8's Who's the real clown?

It was very fun! Taught 3 teens how to be a clown! I was also told to play down my skills that day, but still, the public guessed that I was the real clown! And I won $600 for that!

Nice Letter from Safra Mount Faber!

I emceed at the event CREAM, organised by Safra at Safra Mt Faber's very own pub! It was a pretty crazy night with lots of fun, adults only...from a whip cream licking contest to a hot bods dancing challenge, the night was filled with loads of alcohol and crazy party goers.

Jobs for Juniors 2006 - Sweetheart is featured!

Sunday, May 6, 2007

8th March 2007, The New Paper

This was so fun! I enjoyed the email interview, and meeting the talented photographer (FEMALE!!!) was a treat as well. It was part of Career Choice, so not many people saw this in The New Paper.
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March 30 1998 - The New Paper

This was a fun interview, and I was so excited about this! This is a very old look and costume of mine! It sure brings back memories.
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Straits Times 15 Jan 2001

This was done by a photojournalist, and he followed me around for one entire day! He took so many fun pictures, and his editor chose three to put up in this interview of sorts!
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Vintage Car Letter, November 2001

I did a show for the underpriviledged children, organized by the vintage car people! Real fun! Nice that they took the time to write a letter!
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Nice letter from West End Productions, Charlie

Rainbow the clown did a fun show for Charlie's son's birthday in 2001! So nice of him to write us a nice letter!
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Clowning workshop for SIM

The clowning workshop that I did for SIM in 2001 was a huge success! So many kids went away really happy, each clutching a clown nose!
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SIM newsletter advertisement about the talk I gave

Advertisement of the talk I gave for a group of entrepreuners in 2001
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Vivien Goh did a talk at SIM, July 19 2001

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